What is the difference between a CPA and your company?

There really is no big difference. I have the education and certifications to provide similar services as a CPA. The one thing a CPA does that I do not is forensic audits.

I am not sure if I can deduct certain expenses, are you able to assist with that?

Business deductions can become a complicated subject especially with each unique industry. I can review your business expenses and determine which ones are considered personal and which are business related.

How do I determine if a worker is an employee or subcontractor?

There are three criteria to determine if a worker is considered an employee or not:

  1. Does the employer give instructions, supervise the worker and set their hours?
  2. Does the employer provide a workspace, equipment and include vacations or time off with their pay?
  3. Does the worker work full-time and have no other clients they work for?

If the answer to all three questions is yes then the worker is considered an employee and you are liable for deducting withholding taxes from their pay and filing the proper tax returns for each quarter and annually.