What type of bookkeeping do you do?

Full charge bookkeeping – Typically performed on a more frequent basis like once a week or daily. DK Bookkeeping handles the day-to-day bookkeeping operations your business. We work for you or with you, front and center, running payroll, managing AR/AP, paying bills on a schedule of your choosing. We reconcile, review and provide financial reports. 

How does virtual bookkeeping services work?

We perform the bookkeeping utilizing QuickBooks Online, Cloud hosted platform or third party login like Logmein to use QuickBooks Desktop or locally on our computer and send you back the file when complete.

What Accounting software do we use?

We work with various versions of QuickBooks Pro desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Do I still need a bookkeeper if I have an Accountant or CPA?

Accountants and bookkeepers provide businesses different services. A bookkeeper provides ongoing services that allow you to track the flow of money in and out of your business. Most accountants do not provide this service. Bookkeepers also prepare the information that accountants utilize for tax purposes. We often work with our client’s accountants to ensure accurate records and reporting.

I enter my receipts into QuickBooks already, why is it necessary to hire a Bookkeeper?

It is not only entering the information into an accounting program that is important, but it is knowing where to classify the entries and understanding how those numbers affect your business. Making entries into wrong accounts, transposing numbers, not reconciling accounts and missing information can have a huge and often negative effect on a business. The role of a bookkeeper is to enter, categorize, review, and reconcile transactions in a company’s accounting system. Having sales and expense data properly categorized enables business owners to see where they are spending and making money.